Expert Color Consulting

Hiring a Color Consultant may seem extravagant, but the time and money you save from not pouring through color swatches for weeks on end, and painting with a well chosen color the first time, can actually save your decorating budget and potentially leave you more for money for other design elements, such as furniture and decorative accessories.

Did you know that the average cost to paint a home is $2500?  Why not invest in a Certified Color Expert, like myself, to make sure you actually pick the perfect colors for your home before the big expense of  a painter?

Is your Color adding Value?

The secret here is to enhance your home's possibilities for the potential buyer, not your own personal style.  Buyers choose to purchase a new home based on how they imagine lives after moving in.  Staging your home helps tell that story so they can see themselves living there.  Color is a chapter with a lot of impact.  I have the expertise and experience to help you write that story.  

Is the Color in your home a reflection of you?

When the colors of your home represent you and your lifestyle, you'll love living there, and guests will love to visit and feel welcome as an extension of you.  Choosing color goes beyond the current trends.  It evokes mood and creates comfort.  It can be used to accentuate the great elements of your home or also to distract from the not so great.  My color services take into consideration the fixed items of your space and include assisting you choosing metal finishes, flooring colors, countertops, and other design elements such as stone or wooden materials for accent walls.  

How is your Curb Appeal?

The exterior of your home is the first impression and one of the most costly areas to update.  Avoid mistakes resulting from poor color selection by taking advantage of my expertise for choosing exterior paint, roofing, stonework, and paver combinations.  You will save time and money; Guests and neighbors will be impressed;  Potential buyers will be intrigued to see more!

6-Step Color Analysis

I have earned a professional designation (CCE) as an Expert Color Consultant demonstrating my extensive knowledge of color and mastering the art of its application in relationship to the space or home it is being used.  Using a 6-Step process we can create a comprehensive color palette that is cohesive throughout your whole home.

Color Services and Pricing...


$350 Color Perfect Home Consultation - Up to 4 Rooms/2 hours (each additional add on room is $100)

$590 Color Perfect Home Consultation - Up to 10 Rooms/4 hours (each additional add on room is $100)

  • Pre- Appointment phone interview to discuss color preferences and goals for space
  • In our Consultation Appointment we will narrow down the paint color choices through a detailed process that takes in to account fixed finishes and existing furnishings,to determine walls, trim, ceilings and built-in paint colors that will build our full palette.
  • I uniquely come armed with hundreds of large, color samples that I have narrowed down based on the phone interview and I leave the final paint choices with you so you can get used to seeing the color on the walls and have samples to shop for accessories and furniture with.
  • At the end of our 2 hour visit, you will have a thorough plan for each paint color and where to use it. 
  • Additional design ideas will be offered to compliment and enhance the space using the palette we choose.  You can consider using these ideas right away or down the road.  They are yours to keep in mind.


$350 Color Perfect Exterior Paint Consultation - 1 building, 3 colors + Soffit/Facia (Additional element color selections such as shingles, stone, pavers and light finishes +$150, client provides samples)

 **Spring Special! I am currently Waiving the additional element fee!**